gaschekaGascheka is a gas detection and shutdown control solution for all types of equipment used in areas where there may be a very limited risk of explosion and/or where the area is not formally classified.

Suitable for all types of equipment, it may also be possible to fit Gascheka to maintenance or temporary equipment used in hazardous areas to provide a risk managed safety solution.

Supplied as a kit of parts and normally fitted in just a matter of hours normally onsite, Gascheka can be interchanged across different equipment and often forms part of a 'work permit' specifically designed for refinery vehicles.

The system provides audible and visual warning when it detects a gas or vapour (at 10% Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) propane in air) and at 25% LEL it shuts down the protected equipment automatically, minimising any risk of an explosion.

The system auto-calibrates and self-tests the gas head at start up to ensure it is working correctly.

Gascheka (as a system) is ATEX 94/9/EC compliant and offered with IECEx certification to IEC 60079 standards.

Infrared and Pellistor Sensing Options
Choose either infrared or pellistor gas sensing to suit the application.

Both options have their advantages and limitations and should be specified according to the risk and application, and should always consult an Adex Zonex sales engineer to ensure you make the correct specification.

Pellistor option
Our traditional pellistor system detects more than 95% of hydrocarbons and is therefore the most versatile system for users in the chemicals and paints/coating industries and when handling a comprehensive range of products. However, pellistor based systems may not be suitable if silicones are present in the environment.

Infrared option
Infrared technology is particularly suited to operations with specific hazards. For example, it suits distilleries, aerosol storage and distribution operations and the oil and gas sector. The Adex Zonex infrared system offers faster start-up and lower lifetime costs.

Talk to the experts at Adex Zonex to help you make the safe choice when supplying or operating equipment in areas where there may be a risk of explosion.